At Last – Hands Free Kayaking Using Foot Pedals

Hands Free Kayaking Using Foot Pedals

Hands Free Kayaking Using Foot Pedals – Hobie Cat’s new Mirage kayak turns the kayaking world on its head with a system that keeps boaters’ hands free. The new technology is sure to change how people look at kayaking.

Hobie Cat is one of the world’s top kayak makers. The Hobie Mirage kayak is the only “hands-free” kayak ever made. Hobie Cat has completely changed kayaking and the pool of buyers for the sport.

Hands Free Kayaking Using Foot Pedals

The Mirage is the first kayak with a flipper system that has pedals and steering. Two removable flippers beneath the kayak move in opposite directions when boaters pedal, like a paddleboat but much faster. The kayak’s design lets it move easily and quickly. The flippers come off for travel. The system has a self-cleaning property to protect from the normal wear of kayak usage. The flippers adjust to the size of the boater and can be stowed so that they do not scrape in shallow areas.

The Hobie Cat Mirage is one of the best kayaks on the market. Take advantage of this innovative, versatile creation that anyone can use for almost any type of kayaking.

The flipper system gives you a whole-body workout. Your upper body can row while your lower body pedals. The system is a big help if you tire of rowing or need to get to your destination quickly.

Hobie Cat’s hands-free kayaks are the fastest line of kayaks ever made. The Mirage is perfect for everyone!

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